Editorial: Are you a hopeless romantic? A dauntless lover? A tough warrior?

Or maybe even celebrating your inner 60s rock star? Just be yourself, they said…

How can it be that we’re all mostly defined by a specific character trait, a certain mindset or a particular style, even though everyone of us is so versatile.

A person can be strong and tough, yet vulnerable and profound. Ambitious, yet aimless every now and then. Outgoing, yet sometimes calm and introvert. There’s not just one personality, one mindset, one human being… within the years we’re wandering through this world, the new encounters we make, the challenges we face, the ups and downs we go through… we evolve.

Diversity goes far beyond the labels of a nationality, race, class or sexuality, it starts within ourselves. Have the courage to be yourself, express yourself, build yourself…

Together with Christian, who gave us complete freedom to cut his flowing mane step by step, we got the chance to show so many different faces of him that still represent his personality and character. Masculine, yet vulnerable. Romantic, yet serious.

ModelChristian Kogler Stylingwww.sophiemariefrauscher.comHair & Make Upwww.double-studio.onlineAssistantAnna AichholzerYear2021