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“I hope you enjoy the escape to the sixties with two friends of mine we had a fun time and some nice ideas on a cloudy day in Salzburg.

Vintage lovers Nora and Laurenz are meeting up every once in a while, celebrating the 1960s era and adding their own twist to this iconic decade. This time they approached a sixties pool theme. It took a while to realize this shoot, since an authentic location had to be found. But the searching paid off, and the perfect vintage pool was in sight.”


Project year

Niko Zuparic // @zuparino

Set Design & Concept:
Laurenz Wakolbinger // @rumpelausdemwald

Nora Garlock // @sig.nora
Laurenz Wakolbinger // @rumpelausdemwald

Hair & Make-up:
Lena Riedl // @leniriedl

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