A journey to the Sixties on a tennis court

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Teamed up with vintage lovers Nora Garlock and Laurenz Wakolbinger in order we create some nostalgic and fun tennis action. “Nora and Laurenz are meeting up every once in a while, celebrating the 1960s era and adding their own twist to this iconic decade. This time they approached a Sixties Tennis theme.”
“It took a while to be able to realize this shoot, since an authentic location had to be found. But the searching paid off, and the perfect vintage tennis court was in sight.” Hair by Florian Rauchenschwandtner and Make-up by Carina Maria Klatt.
Niko Zuparic // @zuparino
Set Design & Concept:
Laurenz Wakolbinger // @rumpelausdemwald
Nora Garlock // @sig.nora
Laurenz Wakolbinger // @rumpelausdemwald
Hair & Make-up:
Florian Rauchenschwandtner // @chaoshairconceptsalzburg
Carina Maria Klatt // @the_pink_blush
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